The newly appointed IPC APEX EXPO Technical Program Committee (TPC) is inviting engineers, researchers, academics, technical experts, and industry leaders to submit technical conference abstracts for IPC APEX EXPO 2022, which will be held at the San Diego Convention Center. The technical conference will take place January 25-27, 2022.

“The TPC—comprised of top technical leadership and subject matter experts from across the electronics industry—continues to build and strengthen the IPC APEX EXPO technical conference. A new committee chair and co-chair, expanded committee size, and a new structure enables the group to be future focused and provide a stronger technical voice spanning various technologies and the supply chain,” said Matt Kelly, IPC chief technologist. “The TPC’s mission is to deliver strong, relevant, and valuable technical programming that balances conventional technology advances with next-generation disruptive technologies. With these upgrades to the TPC, I’m excited to see what the IPC APEX EXPO 2022 technical conference has in store.”

Led by Beverley Christian, Ph.D., HDP User Group (chair), and Stanton Rak, Ph.D., SF Rak Co. (co-chair), the 24-person committee comprises the following members: Bhanu Sood, Ph.D., NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Cheryl Tulkoff, NI; Chris Jorgensen, IPC; Hans-Peter Tranitz, Ph.D., Continental Automotive GmbH; Jason Keeping, Celestica Inc.; Jerry Magera, Motorola Solutions; Martin Goetz, Northrop Grumman Corp.; Matt Kelly, IPC; Michael Ford, Aegis Industrial Software; Michael Carano, RBP Chemical Technology, Inc.; Milos Lazic, Indium Corp.; Paige Fiet, Michigan Technological University; Paul Cooke, Asahi Glass Co. Ltd.; Radu Diaconescu, Swissmic SA; Raymond Whittier Jr., BAE Systems; Robert Kinyanjui, Ph.D., John Deere Electronic Solutions; Sarah Czaplewski, IBM; Steven Bowles, Lockheed Martin Corp.; Tim Burke, Ph.D., Arch Systems Inc.; Todd MacFadden, Bose Corp.; Toya Richardson, IPC; and Udo Welzel, Robert Bosch GmbH.

Technical conference paper abstracts are due June 18, 2021. An approximate 300-word technical conference abstract summarizing original and previously unpublished work covering case histories, research, and discoveries must be submitted. The submission should describe significant results from experiments and case studies, emphasize new techniques, discuss trends of interest, and contain appropriate technical test results.

To submit an abstract, visit