We’re focusing on a range of excellent topics in this issue. To start us off, Jowat’s Gerhard Haas asks: How can we make adhesives and bonding processes more sustainable? Luckily, he also provides some insightful answers clustered under a central recommendation to seek a holistic approach to sustainability. Learn more in “Strategies for Green Bonding.”

Otto Soidinsalo of Borregaard shares details regarding the role that microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) can play in thickening waterborne polychloroprene adhesive formulations. “Historically, polychloroprene adhesives have been solvent borne, but environmental and occupational safety reasons have recently caused a shift toward waterborne polychloroprene adhesives,” he writes. “One of the challenges in waterborne polychloroprene dispersion adhesives has been related to the thickening of these high pH systems, as well as the storage stability.”

Turn to “Improved Rheological Profile and Stability of 2K Waterborne Polychloroprene Dispersion Adhesives” for an in-depth exploration of the possibilities.

Experts from Permabond explore current and future applications for adhesives in the quickly evolving electric vehicle industry. In “Electric Vehicle Market Advances Generate Adhesive Technology Innovations,” they discuss some of today’s technologies as well as potential opportunities to evolve and expand the market.

As you’re probably aware, the XXIV Olympic Winter Games get underway this month. What does this have to do with adhesives, you ask? In this issue, tesa shares a story about its longstanding partnership with the USA Bobsled/Skeleton team, which will compete in several events during the games.

“tesa tape is an integral part of our sleds,” says three-time Olympian John Daly. “It holds the sled padding in place and helps optimize aerodynamic flow. We also use it on our helmets—and any open areas—to cut down on aerodynamic drag, which can help us gain valuable hundredths of a second and get onto the podium.”

Check out “Tale of the Tape” for the full story.

Last—but definitely not least—I’m thrilled to announce that Bill Allmond, president of The Adhesive and Sealant Council, will contribute a regular column to ASI beginning with this issue! His first installment of Common Bond focuses on the upcoming World Adhesive and Sealant Conference. Be sure to check it out, and we hope to see you all in Chicago!