Last week, readers were most interested in Sika’s acquisition of Bexel Internacional (Sika Acquires Mexico-Based Bexel Internacional): “Sika recently announced that it has acquired Bexel Internacional S.A. de C.V., a leading manufacturer of tile adhesives and stuccos in Mexico. The acquisition reportedly strengthens Sika’s position in the large and fast-growing Mexican mortar market, significantly extending its manufacturing footprint. In 2020, Bexel generated sales of CHF 35 million (approximately $37.9 million).

“Bexel operates five strategically located production plants that complement Sika’s existing geographical footprint and further support the strategic focus on big cities. The new site serving Mexico City adds important production capacity, strengthening Sika’s position in this fast-growing metropolitan area. With the combined presence, Sika reports that it now has a nationwide manufacturing coverage for mortars that will enhance its ability to serve and supply customers with its products throughout the country.”

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Top 5 News that Sticks for August 22-28

  1. Sika Acquires Mexico-Based Bexel Internacional
  2. Phoseon Announces Strategic Partnership with American Ultraviolet
  3. Bostik Premiers Multi-Layer Film-Blown Production Line in U.S. #1 last week
  4. Spaulding, Ackerberg, and Heird Named to New Positions at RPM as Horan Retires
  5. Dow Accelerates Automotive Industry Collaboration with MobilityScience Studios

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